The Weekly “Connect” Meeting

Reflect: Next steps

If you were working with the student in the videos, what would you include in your next "Connect" meeting?

Correct! This is a great approach – it includes both of the weekly tasks (share “Check” data and provide feedback). If Alex’s attendance is up in the last week, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate her success!

It could be a good time to come back to the dislike of school Alex shared. You can brainstorm ideas together about how to make school more enjoyable — and don’t forget about extracurricular activities!

This approach does not include providing feedback, and may be too focused on the outcome of the attendance change. For Alex, just making it to school is cause for celebration!

Be attentive to how extracurricular activities are presented to Alex. Problem-solving is collaborative, not directive, so a list of activities should include ideas from Alex, too.