The Weekly “Connect” Meeting

Reflect: Plan the “Connect” meeting

Now that you’ve seen an example of a “Connect” meeting, take a moment to think about one of the students you work with. For your next meeting with that student, which tasks will you prioritize? Click that task for a piece of advice or prompting question to help you plan.

This task can take many forms – from sharing the C&C App display to summarizing what you’ve seen in the Student Information System or what teachers have told you directly. This week, try to find something to celebrate in the student’s data.

Providing feedback in the form of celebrating even small accomplishments can be a huge boost to the student’s confidence, especially if they’re used to hearing only criticism.

If you haven’t discussed the importance of school with this student recently, think about your student’s future goals or plans. Identifying ways that staying in school can support the student’s plans will give you a more natural way to introduce the topic.

If your student has a plan in place as a result of previous problem solving, check in with them about how the plan is working.

If you haven’t done any problem solving with your student in a month, review data to identify an area that may need an intesive intervention. Revisit the five-step problem solving model, if needed. It might help to think in advance of some questions to use to guide the student through the process.