Generalization and Sustainability in Positive Behavior Support

Fidelity of Implementation Levels

The word fidelity is shown in a dictionary.

Fidelity of implementation refers to a process that is used to provide evidence that a positive support practice is being used in the way in which it was intended.

There are two types of fidelity of implementation that are used in positive behavior support.

1. Fidelity of Implementation by Teams Implementing Three-Tiered Positive Behavior Support

Fidelity of implementation is used as part of organization-wide or school-wide efforts so that teams can make sure the key features of a positive support are still in place at each tier. Measuring fidelity allows the team to reflect on the following question: Did we do what we said we would do? And, to what extent did we do it? Evaluating fidelity of implementation over time helps an organization sustain the effectiveness of positive behavior support across the three tiers.

2. Fidelity of Implementation of Individual Positive Support Plans

Individual positive support interventions are also monitored for fidelity. For instance, if someone has a plan that involves several different interventions, each intervention needs to be monitored to make sure the key elements of the practice are being implemented. Direct observations of the people implementing an intervention can help teams understand better whether certain steps are being missed.

Fidelity of implementation can be used to assess the plans written for person-centered or wraparound planning, positive behavior support, or any other evidence-based practices used to improve quality of life. Asking for information about the fidelity of implementation is the first question to ask when someone ways that a positive support plan "didn't work" for someone.

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Tools and resources related to evaluating fidelity of implementation can be found at the Module 4 Resource Page .