Generalization and Sustainability in Positive Behavior Support

What Makes a Good Life?

Black man in a wheelchair paints at an easel.

How do we know if we are enjoying our lives? What are the things that make life meaningful and fun?

Some possible examples that vary across people include:

  • Spending time with/interacting with family & friends
  • Developing meaningful relationships and intentional community across our lives
  • Having a sense of purpose and fulfillment from our lives and daily activities
  • Access to art (galleries, movies, theater, concerts, etc.) and personal hobbies (painting, collecting, cooking , etc.)
  • Activities (sports, events, parties, cooking, etc.)
  • Visiting new places, spending time with nature
  • Making spiritual connections and practicing a religion of our choice
  • Playing video games, interacting on social media, connecting with friends on the internet
  • Engaging in personal development (learning new things, practicing mindfulness, mastering an instrument, learning a new language)
  • Spending time exercising in preferred ways (running, biking, Tai Chi, etc.)
  • Volunteering at a wildlife or animal sanctuary or donating time helping others

What would you add to this list to represent something important to your quality of life?

Our quality of life is important! This is true for all individuals and should be a key evaluation measure when assessing the impact of a positive support plan.