Generalization and Sustainability in Positive Behavior Support

Positive Approaches to Challenging Behavior

Three tiered model of support: all people on the bottom, some in the middle, few at the top. Few is circled.

Welcome to Module 4 of the Community-Based Positive Supports Training. This section describes how to maintain the positive changes made using positive behavior support and other practices. Positive behavior support is one type of positive support strategy that can be used to improve quality of life and prevent or decrease challenging behavior.

Section 4 - Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how major life events can create new challenges that can impact behavior
  • Describe how to think about expanding the number of settings where interventions are used and generalize interventions to new routines and settings once a plan is successful
  • Describe how fidelity of intervention implementation is used to make sure supports for a person are implemented effectively over time
  • Outline key issues related to helping a person maintain an effective plan
  • Discuss key ways in which data are used to adapt plans over time and how to improve interventions
  • Define what it means to create plans that are a good fit for the people maintaining them

The content in this section will focus mainly on tier 3. However, it is important to know that generalization and sustainability are an important part of three-tiered positive behavior support.

You can learn more about this topic by visiting the Section 4 Resource Page .