Frontline Initiative: Making Direct Support a Career

DirectCourse Related to Professionalism

CDS: Direct Support Professionalism

Direct support is important and complex work. It calls for professional-level skills. It requires the ability to apply these in a person-centered way. This course describes ethical practice. It provides a framework of best practices in the field. It helps learners identify their strengths and potential areas for professional growth. This course includes the following lessons:

  • Becoming a Direct Support Professional
  • Contemporary Best Practices
  • Applying Ethics in Everyday Work
  • Practicing Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Working with Your Strengths

CFSM-L: Applying the NADSP COE in Supervision, Management, and Leadership

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics (NADSP COE) is an ethical code. It was developed with and for direct support professionals (DSPs). It is a key component to ensuring person-centered practices. All employees, people supported, and board members of an organization should be familiar with the COE.  This content helps learners think about how to apply the COE in supervision, management, and leadership. It is designed to help leaders in the field (including DSP leaders) understand how the COE applies within the frame of organizational or systemic processes. (Due for publication in 2020.)

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