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NADSP Moving Mountains Award Winners by Year

The following 15 organizations are recipients of the Moving Mountains Awards, presented annually to organizations and agencies that demonstrate best practice in direct support workforce development. Awards are given by the Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota, in partnership with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP). Nominations are solicited through NADSP member organizations and reviewed by a panel of NADSP members using selection criteria based on the mission and goals of the NADSP.

2007 Award Winners

  • Support Providing Employees’ Association of Kentucky (SPEAK): For excellence in preservice orientation, mentoring of new hires, inservice training, and promoting DSP recognition and professionalism.
  • Alaska Alliance for Direct Service Careers: For excellence in developing ongoing statewide initiatives that build DSP careers.

2005-2006 Award Winners

  • Ark Regional Services (WY): For excellence in competency-based training for DSPs.
  • Community Supports for People with Disabilities Program, South Central College (Minnesota): For excellence in promoting DSP career development through credit-bearing coursework.
  • Kansans Mobilizing for Workforce Change: For excellence in creating and sustaining meaningful direct support workforce change at the systems level.
  • The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region Stars Program (MD): For excellence in creating a career track to raise the value and status of DSPs.

2004 Award Winners

  • PATHS (Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals): For excellence in DSP career development through apprenticeship and credentialing.
  • Everyday Heroes Leadership Initiative (NY): For excellence in building DSP leadership for community inclusion.
  • Direct Support Professionals Association of Tennessee (D-SPAT): For excellence in building a statewide DSP association that promotes networking, training, and recognition programs.

2003 Award Winners

  • Elm Homes (MN): For excellence in redesigning human resource practices for DSPs.
  • Mid-Hudson Coalition Inc. (NY): For excellence in DSP education, training and development.
  • SPIN (PA): For excellence in DSP training, leadership development and career development.

2002 Award Winners

  • Dakota Communities, Inc. (MN): For excellence in DSP training for their Advocating Continuing Education Program.
  • Vinfen (MA): For excellence in creating, developing, and nurturing Self-Managed Work Teams (SMTs) with DSPs as team leaders and members.
  • OHI (ME): For excellence in supporting DSPs.