Getting started with telehealth for early intervention: Learning modules

Equipment: Hardware
Recommendations for placement of technology in your home (part 1)

  • Pick the room and area where you are going to participate in telehealth sessions.
  • Check the area to make sure it is safe for sessions.
    • Check and fix safety considerations such as:
      • Are you close to an open staircase?
      • Are you near the door outside?
      • Are there breakable things (e.g., glass mirrors) within reach of your child?
      • Is there large or heavy furniture or items that are not secured and could fall on your child?
      • Are you near a fireplace or other place of heat that could burn your child if touched?
      • Are you near open electrical sockets or cords?
      • Are you near sharp or hard corners or furniture that your child could hurt themselves on?
      • There are likely other safety considerations that may pertain to your child and your family, these are just some examples.