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Data on Workforce

Please have pages 2-3 of the Assessing Your Workforce Outcomes: Using Your Data for Decision Making workbook completed before viewing this webinar. Have those data and the workbook ready when you view this webinar.

Please come to this webinar with your organizational data pulled and pages 2-3 of the Assessing Your Workforce Outcomes workbook completed. In this webinar, you will compute your workforce outcomes and think about how and where you will track your workforce data over time. You will compare your organizational data to 2017 Minnesota organizational data from the Minnesota Direct Support Workforce project. This can help you identify areas of workforce challenge for your organization, and how to strategize to address them in your organization.

Video from the Web version of this publication:

Organizational Workforce - Understanding Data Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/embed/jR9wtp4U2B0