Universal - Person Centered PBS Strategies

Intro to Recruitment and Selection


Recruitment is the process of seeking out potential job candidates.  This process involves sharing the position you’re trying to fill with potential Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and what the ideal candidate might need to perform the job.  Recruitment efforts also tell potential job candidates about the organization, including the mission, vision, and values.

This collection of pre-recorded webinar is focused different evidenced bases strategies used in recruitment of Direct Support Professionals.


Selection is the process used to choose the best candidate for a position in the organization.  The selection goes beyond just filling the job. It examines the candidates’ compatibility with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.  This process also evaluates the candidates’ ability and willingness to learn the skills required to perform the job duties as well as the training and support they may require.

This collection of pre-recorded webinars are on:

  • The Structured Behavioral Interview
  • The Realistic Job Preview