Maryland Positive Behavior Support Training

Assessing Individual Interventions for Fidelity

A person checking of items on a checklist.

One way to keep track of how well the interventions are implemented is to make a list of all the steps that really need to be in place. This visual shows how Andy and his team did this by creating a simple fidelity of implementation checklist.

When Andy’s challenging behavior started to increase, the team used the tool on this page to check to see if any of the key elements of the plan were being left out of the intervention.

For instance, they may discover that Andy’s staff members have decreased the number of times they are prompting Andy to use the social invitation card when he comes home. Using this checklist can help figure out whether the intervention is being implemented in the way it was intended.

Andy's Intervention Fidelity Checklist. Check if/when observed or indicate N/A if Not Applicable. Practice showing Andy how to initiate a request to talk or spend time with someone using the visual card. Staff prompts Andy to use the social invitiation cand as soon as he arrives home from work. Andy's staff and roommate respond immediately any time Andy requests attention. Remind Andy's roommate that it is important to let Andy spend time with him if he hands him the social invitation card. When Andy has been playing alone for an hour, but no challenges have occurred, remind him that he can use the social invitiation card.  Total Checkmarks for replacement behaviors interventions. Replacement behavior intervention fidelity. Total Checkmarks/total # interventions to be observed times 100.