Maryland Positive Behavior Support Training

Positive Behavior Support at Tiers 2 & 3

Universal strategies do not always work because sometimes the situations that people encounter are more complicated and the strategies needed require more intensive supports.

A triangle containing the words All People, Some, and Few to represent a continuum of supports needed in an organization. An arrow points to tier 2 (Some) as this page describes tier 2.

Organizations that design tier 2 strategies use quality of life, incident reports, and other types of data to monitor the support people receive and intervene as soon as challenges arise. Intervening early before a person’s quality of life is affected or serious challenges escalate can prevent misunderstandings, injuries, and other negative outcomes. 

Tier 2 interventions address more minor challenging behavior or situations where more person-centered strategies are needed to improve quality of life. The types of Tier 2 interventions can be organized into four major areas:

  1. Person-centered & quality of life,
  2. Social and behavioral supports,
  3. Emotional wellness, and
  4. Health and wellness.
  • Practice key social and communication skills
  • Increase prompts and reinforcers to better support a person
  • Work on social skills needed for developing meaningful friendships
  • Help a person find work that they enjoy and find fulfilling
  • Learn to use a coping strategy for managing strong feelings like anger, fear or frustration
  • Focus on a plan for a health or wellness
  • Change how a task is completed so that it is easier to understand