Getting started with telehealth for early intervention: Learning modules

A little bit about assessment

Assessment allows your provider to monitor your child's skills and development.

Your child has likely already had multiple assessments completed prior to beginning early intervention.

Assessments are used for many different reasons, including:

  • Diagnosis and re-evaluation,
  • Determination of intervention eligibility or educational placement,
  • Guidance on intervention planning,
    • Goals to target
    • Skills to target
    • Areas of strength and areas for additional focus, etc.
  • Progress monitoring

Standardized assessments often have been tested on a sample of children (such as a large group of same age peers).

Curriculum-based assessments can be used to find out what specific skills or programs would be most helpful for your child to begin intervention. This type of assessment can also help to track your child’s progress closely, to make individualized adjustments to keep your child successful.

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