Getting started with telehealth for early intervention: Learning modules

Doing a Free Play session

Father and child playing with musical instruments.

Review the checklist below for what to have for your first free play session:


In preparation for free play:

  1. Check the area for safety,
  2. Have your child’s 3-5 activities that your child likes available,
  3. Have the device in a position so that the provider can see and hear you and your child without you needing to hold the device,
  4. *If your child engages in interfering behavior, discuss a plan with your provider for what to do during Free Play if your child engages in interfering behavior (such as if your child would become aggressive or start to engage in self-injury). 

During free play:

  • Be child-led let your child play or interact with the items in the way they like to (of course, while also making sure they are safe),
  • No demands do not ask your child to do or say things during this short period of time,
  • Be available be near your child and available to them, such as commenting on their play (“it looks like you are having fun with the cars”) or praise or other forms of interaction that would make your child happy.

Congratulations, you are ready to run a free play session. You can keep this checklist handy.