Getting started with telehealth for early intervention: Learning modules

Check safety in telehealth set up areas

Since there is not a provider physically in your home during sessions, it is extra important to check the areas where telehealth sessions will occur for safety.

To do this, scan the area for all kinds of normal child-proofing, safety features.

Also scan the area for things that may not typically be a safety concern, but may be during an intervention session.

Your provider will likely work with you on this, but here are some questions to get you started:

Are there breakable or heavy items nearby that could be pulled down during a session?

Are you setting up the sessions near an open staircase?

Is there an open doorway that your child may attempt to run out of and could get out of the home unsupervised?

Are there electrical (e.g., sockets) or hot items nearby (e.g., a stove, a fireplace, etc.)?

Are there sharp items nearby?

Are there heavy items or unsteady furniture (e.g., unsecured to a wall) that could fall on your child?

There may be other safety considerations in addition to these as well.