Building Engagement with Distance Learning

Capacity Example: Josie

Josie’s overall learning priorities

The plan for supporting the teaching and learning of IEP goals at school and home

The plan for data collection (Note: this should include general education formative and summative assessments)

What do team members need to know to use the no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech instructional tools and strategies (current or that will be strategically initiated) to support student learning?

  • Josie’s school team will continue to use the platforms that are familiar to Josie and the other students (Google suite) and will explore the use of Read/Write Google to further support her learning. Josie, as well as her family members, will also need to learn how to use Read/Write Google. The teachers will create a screen capture video of its use, specifically how Josie will use it for her learning, that will be shared with the family via SeeSaw. This will enable Josie and her family to watch it whenever they need a refresher. ​​Family members, including Josie's sister, will receive help in learning and using Zoom, Google Hangout, and SeeSaw to support Josie's access and use as well. The school will provide paper packets, manipulatives, core word boards for content, and fringe conversations for grade-level content in addition to the online materials she will access during distance learning.