Building Engagement with Distance Learning

Collaboration Example: Josie

Based on a collaborative conversation, the team and family decided to plan Josie’s instruction in specific IEP goal areas as follows:

Participating in Routines and Transitions, Josie will:

Follow three-step instructions across her day with the use of visuals and AAC device

  • At school - move from large group to small group more independently, can ask a peer for help
  • At home - join in a small group science lab online with the assistance of an online paraeducator to support her engagement one time a week; follow a simple visual recipe independently to have as a part of a family meal or snack one time per weekend

Engaging in Grade Level Academics and Other Essential Skills, Josie will:

Increase reading comprehension to by responding to different purposes for reading the same text multiple times

  • At school - use graphic organizers and speech-to-text technology to respond to the different purposes set prior to having a book being read aloud to the class, as well as within any in-class discussion groups; and utilize a Tier 2 / 3 online reading program (for example, IXL Language Arts) as a specific reading support
  • At home - use the same Tier 2 / 3 online reading program as specific reading support; watch a movie with her sister with closed captioning on, pausing and responding to different purposes set for watching the movie multiple times

Choose and apply the correct mathematical operation for simple word problems

  • At school - using a calculator on her AAC device for calculations; and use a Tier 2 / 3 online mathematics program (for example, IXL Mathematics) as a specific mathematics support
  • At home - calculate amounts of ingredients for visual recipe needed for fewer/more people, using her calculator on her AAC device; use a Tier 2 / 3 online math program (for example, IXL Mathematics) as specific math support, and packets of low-tech mathematics activities with manipulatives and content provided by the school

Manage personal belongings and using them appropriately

  • At school - get materials out independently, put them on the desk, have devices open and ready for instruction;
  • At home - put clean laundry where it belongs in her room using a picture cue

Interacting with Others, Josie will:

Initiates greetings and responds to greetings from others

  • At school - Initiate and respond to greetings from peers, teachers, and cafeteria staff; initiate a video call with a friend once a week to chat;
  • At home - Initiate a video call with a friend once a week to chat; use her AAC device to interact with her grandparents who visit twice weekly.

Maintains interactions for 3 or more turns using her voice, gestures or AAC device

  • At school and at home - this will be the same across both environments 

During times of instruction within a school building, Josie will need social stories to support the understanding of three specific topics. These are: using a face mask or face shield, hand washing routines, and social distancing requirements. She may also need assistance with using a mask, preferably one that has a clear section over her mouth so that verbalizations are easier understood. The team also discussed the use of sanitizing surfaces and spacing that will be required to support a safe learning environment for Josie.