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Wellness Matters for Direct Support Workers

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We know that the everyday duties of being a direct support worker are very demanding, both physically and emotionally, which often leads to other stress and health concerns. Join hosts Chet Tschetter and Mark Olson as they bring you a brand-new podcast that dives into self-care for the direct support worker.

Wellness Matters for Direct Support is coming to your favorite podcast streaming site in January of 2023. It is for people who provide direct support. The podcast is produced by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration and hosts Tschetter and Olson. Both have extensive experience as direct support professionals.

The first episode will introduce the series. The second podcast will be, “Wellness and the Direct Support Worker.”

Please join us as we talk about how we all can take care of ourselves! If you have questions, comments or topics that you would like us to discuss, please email us at