The Mentor Practice Profile (MPP)

Mentor: Long-term commitment

Long-term commitment

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Core Components and Essential Elements

Contribution to Outcome

Proficient (P)

Developmental (D)

Needs Improvement (N)

MENTOR: Long-term commitment

The mentor makes a two-year commitment to working with students and families.

Increase protective factors

Decrease risk factors

The mentor consistently meets with students weekly despite their behavior and decision-making, demonstrating acceptance and accountability.

The mentor continues working with students and families from semester to semester.

The mentor works with students and families for at least two years.

The mentor takes an occasional break in meeting with a student when the student is making poor choices or not taking accountability for their actions.

The mentor works with a student at least one year but less than two years.

Mentor recommends that a student is exited from C&C early or chooses to no longer be their mentor due to a student’s negative behavior.

The mentor works with a student for less than one year.


For example:

  • You meet with each of your students every week, whether they are struggling or succeeding.
  • You maintain your relationships with students and their families from semester to semester for two years (unless an interruption in enrollment or employment occurs).

For example:

  • When a student is not cooperative in discussing their choices, you do not meet with them for a week or two.
  • You ask for a student to be transferred to another mentor after working with that student for a few months.
  • Your student does not show up for your "Connect" meeting, despite being at school, and you do not follow up with finding and meeting with the student.

For example:

  • When your students are making poor choices and/or not taking responsibility for their actions, you stop meeting with them. 
  • You have transferred students to other mentors because they have not shown improvement.
  • You have recommended students be exited from C&C after less than a year due to their lack of behavioral improvement. 

Reflective Questions

What are your strengths in making a long-term commitment?

Where do you have room for growth?

What support do you need in order to improve in this area?