The Mentor Practice Profile (MPP)

Planning to improve your practice

The Mentor Practice Profile Self-Evaluation tool guides you through the process of making a plan to enhance your skill in one of the essential elements represented on the MPP. This screen has resources to support you in that process. 

Essential Elements

Please take a moment to review your reflections and choose one element in which you have room to grow. When making this decision, consider the following questions:

question mark icon
  • Would I rate my performance as Developing or Needs Improvement in this element?
  • Is there someone in my network who excels in this element?
  • How are my competencies distributed among the four core components of C&C (Mentor, Check, Connect, Family Engagement)?

Examples to help you work through the process

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I want to improve my engagement with families. I would rate myself as Developing. I send monthly emails to students’ families but wouldn’t say we have a reciprocal relationship.

I want to improve on “The mentor gathers input from families and works in partnership with families in promoting student engagement and problem solving.”

This looks like arranging times to communicate that work with families and engaging them in the parent portal and problem-solving around areas of high risk.

  • Setting up a phone call or in-person meeting with a specific student’s family 
  • Making notes ahead of time about things to celebrate as well as what we’re trying to problem-solve 
  • Asking Dr. Smith, who I know is great at this, for advice on engaging families
  • Meeting with my C&C coordinator to strategize