The Mentor Practice Profile (MPP)

What is Fidelity of Implementation?

Check & Connect is an effective intervention when it is implemented with fidelity. Think of it like a recipe you need to follow to ensure the intervention is successful. 

Fidelity of Implementation

The core “ingredients” of implementing C&C with fidelity are: 

  • building relationships with students
  • partnering with families to address barriers to engagement
  • checking on student progress by systematically monitoring alterable risk variables
  • providing each student with personalized timely intervention, guided problem solving, and skill building

The MPP is designed to help mentors and their site coordinators develop mentors’ skills so they are building strong relationships with and providing persistent support to each of their students.

Reflective Question

Throughout their mentoring practice, mentors may go back and forth in their proficiency level as they encounter different scenarios and situations. Rather than reaching proficient level and then no longer needing coaching and support, mentors are likely to be at varying levels based on the unique relationships they have with each student they serve.