The Mentor Practice Profile (MPP)

Mentor: Persistence-plus


Mentor Puzzle Piece

Core Components and Essential Elements

Contribution to Outcome

Proficient (P)

Developmental (D)

Needs Improvement (N)

MENTOR: Persistence-plus

The mentor is a persistent source of academic motivation, familiar with the youth and family (continuity), and continues to provide the message that “education is important to your future” (consistency).

Increase protective factors

Decrease risk factors

The mentor conveys a consistent message to the student that education is important to the student’s future.

The mentor provides personalized, supportive, positive messages to the student over time regarding education and their future.

The mentor is inconsistent with their message that school is important and the need to stay in school and receive their diploma.

The mentor does not convey the message that school is important for the student’s future.


For example:

  • You help students respond to the difficult emotions and situations of school while maintaining a focus on the importance of education for their futures.
  • You use what you know about students’ interests and goals to provide support specifically to each in their unique situation, focusing positively on education and their future. 

For example:

  • With some students, you focus on the immediate issue and forget to emphasize the importance of school completion.
  • There are times when you skip the opportunity to talk about high school completion because it does not seem pressing for your student.

For example:

  • You focus on the idea that a student is so far behind that there is no way they are going to graduate.
  • You do not tell students that school completion is important for their future.

Reflective Questions

What are your strengths in persistence?

Where do you have room for growth?

What support do you need in order to improve in this area?