HCBS Training

Finding the Right Person-Centered Resources

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These modules will help your organization make the person-centered and positive support changes that will have the biggest impact for the people you support. The modules are not meant to teach you all about a specific type of person-centered practice. Instead, they are designed to help you:

  • Assess the strengths of the HCBS  you provide,
  • Identify the unique priorities you need to move forward in becoming more person-centered,
  • Create a plan for improving HCBS, and
  • Evaluate how effective your efforts are over time.

There are resources available in Minnesota that can help you locate trainers to assist you as you move forward.

Visit Module One Resources Page to learn more about training opportunities. Connect with others who are passionate and dedicated about using person-centered practices through Minnesota Community of Practice opportunities. 

Learn more about different types of person-centered practices .