HCBS Training

Making Changes to the Services You Provide

Silhouette of the state of Minnesota

The term organization is used in these modules to refer to any type of service that supports one or more people. Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) providers are all different sizes and offer an array of services. For instance, services can support people at home while others focus on job-related supports.

Some organizations are very large with services provided across the United States, within the entire state of Minnesota, in one small region, or in a number of areas in the state. Other organizations are small or medium in size. Organizations may provide only one service while others offer many different service options to people.

You may be part of a small organization that provides services in a home to one or more people. The work you do to coordinate supports for a person can be complicated. You connect with people at the Department of Human Service and employees at the county level. The type of people you communicate with depends upon the services you provide including medical professionals, psychiatrists, therapists, educators, and employment consultants. You may be part of a person's family or a member of their support network, and direct staff who provide support to a person receiving services.

For a small provider, the word “organization” refers to all of the people, services, coordination, paperwork, and communication that are involved in supporting someone who receives HCBS. Each of the organizations in Minnesota providing HCBS are unique. Providers all have strengths to build on and areas that can be improved. Research studies show that there are key issues to consider when making sure person-centered and positive support practices are sustained over time. These modules will share ideas and resources that can help people improve services.