HCBS Training

Organization-wide Teams

A group of people sitting around a table talking.

You will learn about the roles of an organization-wide team in Module 2. This team is different from the individuals who meet to support one person receiving services. An organization-wide team represents the people who receive services as well as all of the different roles within an organization. The organization-wide team may include the following people:

  • Persons receiving services,
  • Direct support professionals (DSPs), direct support workers (DSWs), certified nursing sssistants, licensed nurse practitioners, personal care attendants (PCAs), home health care aids or others who provide direct services to people,
  • Family members, guardians, and caregivers,
  • Case managers for people who receive services,
  • Supervisors, managers, human resource professionals, administrators, and other leaders within organizations,
  • Quality assurance professionals, and 
  • Professionals who provide specific therapy, behavioral support, or treatment.

The members and size of the team depends on each organization. These modules can be used to create a team, assess organizational strengths, and create an action plan to change in person-centered practices.