Frontline Initiative: DSPs Using the NADSP Code of Ethics

Tenet 5: Justice, Fairness, and Equity

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Code of Ethics Tenet 5: Justice, Fairness, and Equity:

Justice, Fairness, and Equity

As a DSP, I will affirm the human rights as well as the civil rights and responsibilities of the people I support. I will promote and practice justice, fairness, and equity for the people I support and the community as a whole.

Furthermore, as a DSP, I will:

  • Assist the people I support to access opportunities and resources in the community that are available to everyone.
  • Facilitate the expression and understanding of rights and responsibilities with the people I support.
  • Understand the guardianship or other legal representation of the people I support, and work in partnership with legal representatives to assure that the person’s preferences and interests are honored.

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