Frontline Initiative: DSPs Using the NADSP Code of Ethics

Tenet 6: Respect

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Code of Ethics Tenet 6: Respect:


As a DSP, I will respect the human dignity and uniqueness of the people I support. I will recognize each person I support as valuable and promote their value within communities.

Furthermore, as a DSP, I will:

  • Seek to understand the people I support today in the context of their personal history, their social and family networks, and their hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Recognize and respect the cultural context (such as gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic class) of the person supported and his/her social network.
  • Honor the choices, preferences, abilities, and opinions of the people I support.
  • Protect the privacy of the people I support.
  • Interact with the people I support in a manner that is respectful to them.
  • Provide opportunities for the people I support to be viewed and treated with respect and embraced as integral, contributing members of their communities.
  • Promote the use of language that is respectful, sensitive, and contemporary.
  • Practice positive intention and transparency in my interactions.

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