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Medicaid HCBS Spending in FY 2019

Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver spending in FY 2019 totaled $45.1 billion for 930,356 people with IDD, an average of $48,458 per person. A bar chart shows annual per person Medicaid waiver expenditures with silhouette images of a small person representing people 21 years and younger and a taller person representing those 22 and older. Per person waiver expenditures in 2019 averaged $18,182 for people 21 years and younger. Waiver expenditures for people 22 years and older averaged $58,857 per person.

State IDD agencies reported spending $45.1 billion to provide Medicaid HCBS services to 930,356 people with IDD in 2019. That was an average of $48,458 for each person. The average for people 21 years or younger was $18,182, and for people 22 years or older was $58,857.

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