Readiness Tool: A Guide for Exploring Check & Connect at Your Site

Capacity: Overview

To assess the Implementing Site Indicator of CAPACITY, consider the following:

  • Implementation costs

  • Resources needed and available for implementation

Having the capacity to implement is where the C&C National Office finds many sites needing the most support. Your leadership team may want to consider the following:

  • Leadership:
    • Does the school/district/organization have leaders available and ready to serve on the implementation team?
    • Does the school/district/organization have leadership support throughout the stages of implementation in terms of both time and resources?
  • Training:
    • Is the site prepared to participate in initial and ongoing training for leadership, coordinators, and mentors?
  • Commitment to Fidelity:
    • Is the site committed to implementing with fidelity?
  • Staffing:
    • Does the site understand the staffing needs for implementing with fidelity?
  • Access to Data:
    • Will mentors have access to student data on a weekly basis for attendance, behavior, and course performance?