Readiness Tool: A Guide for Exploring Check & Connect at Your Site

Need: Case Scenario #1

Review the case scenario where a site is considering if Check & Connect will meet their NEEDS:

A high school is struggling with a large number of 9th and 10th-grade students being tardy to class. Current data shows that approximately 50% of the students are tardy at least twice every week. Although there is a school policy that defines and addresses tardies, there is inconsistency among staff members in enforcing the policy. In addition, very few staff can be seen in the hallways during passing times, encouraging students to get to class. Several staff members have heard that C&C addresses tardiness, and they are wondering if they need this intervention to get students to class on time.

RATING: 2 - Minimally Meets Need

This is an example of a site that may have high interest in Check & Connect as a program due to its strong evidence. However, since C&C is a targeted or intensive intervention for students, it would not solely be able to address school-wide needs such as consistent enforcement of the tardy policy and teacher supervision during passing times. Once those school-wide needs are addressed, perhaps C&C could support those students who continue to be tardy.