Readiness Tool: A Guide for Exploring Check & Connect at Your Site

Fit: Case Scenario #1

Review the case scenario where a site is considering implementing Check & Connect and wondering if it is the right FIT.

A 6th-8th grade middle school is currently implementing Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) as their only Tier 2 Intervention. While the intervention has been successful with most students in grade 6, they are noticing that some students need more support. The staff has also noticed that students in grade 8 don’t seem to be responding to CICO and hear comments from students that they feel like CICO is for “little” kids in elementary school. The school has an MTSS team and is committed to finding appropriate interventions for students who are not finding success. The staff is wondering if C&C and CICO can exist together or if they should they drop CICO and focus on C&C.

RATING: 4 - Fit

C&C is designed to complement existing interventions and add additional support for students when needed. C&C is a more intensive intervention than CICO, so C&C is the next tier for students whose data indicated that CICO is not providing enough support.

Note: In the case scenario, CICO is working for some students and should, therefore, continue. C&C could be added as support for students who have additional needs that are not being addressed in CICO.