Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

Record Keeping and Reporting

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Keeping good records about your employees is an important part of directing your own supports.  Make sure you know what kinds of records you need to keep.

The kinds of records you may need to maintain are:

It’s important to keep your service plan and budget so you can review them whenever you need to.  This will help you or your authorized representative monitor the services you planned for and how much is allocated to spend on your services.  Your financial management service will send out regular budget reports.  It’s important to review these to make sure that there are no mistakes and that you are not over-spending or under-spending on your budget.

  1. Time and activity forms - Some programs have specific time and activity forms that DSWs are required to complete.  These serve as both a record of what supports the DSW provided as well as the hours worked.  Other kinds of self-directed programs may have simpler time sheets for DSWs to complete. Your financial management service will provide you with the correct time sheets to use.
  2. Approving time sheets – You or your authorized representative will be responsible for approving all of your DSWs’ time sheets.  It’s important that the time sheets are accurate. If you know that time sheets are inaccurate and you approve them, that is fraud.  Never sign a blank time sheet.
  3. Progress notes (if required) – Some self-directed programs require regular progress notes.  If these are required, have a notebook or binder to keep all of the progress notes together.  Make sure that the DSW dates and signs them and follows your program’s rules about what kind of information the progress notes should contain.

3. Reflect

Your DSW tells you that they are  busy and finding time to have you sign their time sheet can be difficult.  They want you to sign their time sheet ahead of time.   This DSW has worked with you for a while and you know them well.  Should you sign the time sheet like they asked?

What do you think?

The best option is to tell the DSW "no."  When you are signing a time sheet, you are agreeing that all of the information is accurate.  If your DSW makes a mistake entering their hours, you can be held responsible. You should always review a completed time sheet before signing it. In addition, some programs have other record keeping requirements to ensure that you are getting the supports that you  are paying for.