HCBS Training

Aligning Action Planning With Other Efforts

An important way to make sure that the action plan your team worked on in Module 5 is implemented is to build the team’s work into everyday Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) meetings and routines. 

One way to do this is to consider what the organization is already working on to improve HCBS outcomes. For instance, many HCBS providers have created overall strategic action plans for improving services and decreasing costs related to HCBS.  These strategic plans are sometimes led by a consultant from an outside organization who guides the provider through a planning process that targets areas for improvement.  

Other organizations seek out national accreditation as a way to improve and maintain effective HCBS services. For example, three accrediting  bodies related to behavioral healthcare and child welfare organizations include CARF International, the Council on Accreditation, and The Joint Commission.  Becoming  accredited means that your organization receives confirmation from an organization that certifies that the services provided are of the highest standards.

One organization participated in a training for teams in person-centered practices. During the assessment process, the team learned about two other planning meetings that were already in place within the organization. The staff who were involved in all three planning efforts said it was difficult to manage and keep track of each action plan. The team members who were involved in one or more of the other planning efforts shared the similarities and differences of these plans. After reviewing the mission and purpose of each plan, the team decided to merge the work into one overall meeting with one working document for all three of the planning efforts. The person-centered team became part of a workgroup that held meetings to work on the action plan items developed. The team reported progress during the overall meeting that combined the three plans. Additional data were added to the overall evaluation plan related to person-centered work. The person-centered workgroup used data gathered from the other plans to track changes as well.