HCBS Training

Assessing Readiness for Change

4 stages of plant growth: planting a seed, watering the seed as it sprouts, a growing seed, and finally a full grown plant.

Resistance does not mean that the team has to stop working. It does, however, suggest that the team needs to spend time learning about these concerns. The team can start by trying to better understand the reasons for resistance, then work on steps that will address these concerns.  If a provider is already making big changes in HCBS for other reasons, it may be wise to wait before staring something new. 

Don’t try to implement person-centered practices right away during:

  • New leadership or management changes,
  • Large transitions in services that make it hard to focus on other issues, or
  • Time periods when larger events are occurring in the local community that will make it harder to move forward (for example, natural disasters,social unrest, pandemic)