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Share the Process with Others

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Implementing person-centered and positive support practices involves everyone. People are more likely to use a new practice when they are part of the change process. Helping make decisions about these changes creates a feeling of ownership and empowers everyone to work together.  In Module 2, you developed a plan for sharing information and gathering feedback from staff members, people supported, and others.  Item 8 of the Minnesota Team Checklist is about assessing whether people are aware of the changes that your team is making to implement person-centered and positive support practices.

The change process is complex and there is no one way to be person-centered. As a result, team members may feel unsure about making decisions because everyone is learning new skills together. Each team will find the best way to move forward based on the people who are involved and the types of services provided. Your team will create a plan to build on the strengths of the organization. It is okay to share with people that the team does not have all the answers.

The Module Resources section includes a short recording describing the process. This recording can be used to share details with the people you support, staff members, and others.


Please use the MN Team Checklist and the HCBS Planning Tool to complete the activity. 

Minnesota Team Checklist.  Item number 8 in the Staff Committment section.  Staff members are aware that there is a plan to improve person-centered and positive support practices. Score the checklist: 0 – planning not yet started, 1 – in progress, or 2 – fully in place.

Checklist Item 8: Staff members are aware that there is a plan to improve person-centered and positive support practices.

 In Module 2 (Minnesota Checklist Item 3), you learned about how important it is to create a plan to include other people in the process as the team gathers information and creates a plan for moving forward. Item 8 on the Minnesota Team Checklist challenges the team to think about how well this information has been shared. As the team continues moving forward, can staff members tell you about what the team has been working on? This is a good test to make sure that the plan created is working.

Minnesota Team Checklist

HCBS Planning Tool

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