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Creating a Way to Involve Larger Groups of People

Item 10 on the Minnesota Team Checklist is linked to an earlier item (#3) that you completed in Module 2. Item 3 prompts the team to create a plan for sharing information with everyone. Item 10 makes sure that staff members are actively involved in making decisions during assessment and action-planning. This item is considered complete when the team can show that feedback is being gathered from staff members on a regular basis. It also means that everyone is involved in learning new skills and has a chance to reflect on their work. Staff members are involved in the following:

  • Providing feedback to help make changes in services,
  • Assessing the person-centered strengths of the organization,
  • Participating in trainings, and
  • Assisting the team in finding solutions to problems.

Build in times to talk in meetings that already exist. 

A team working together. They are gathered around a table having a discussion. Eveyrone is engaged with one another.

Many providers have one or more of the following ways of sharing information:

  • Team Meetings
  • Staff Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Community Events
  • Newsletters
  • Websites


Please use the MN Team Checklist and the HCBS Planning Tool to complete the activity. 

Minnesota Team Checklist.  Item number 10 in the Staff Committment section.  Staff members are directly involved in the action plan for improving services. Score the checklist: 0 – planning not yet started, 1 – in progress, or 2 – fully in place.

Checklist Item 10: Staff members are directly involved in the action plan for improving services.

How will the team share details with staff members so that they can be involved in decisions that are made about the action plan?

Minnesota Team Checklist

HCBS Planning Tool

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