HCBS Training

Creating Group Ownership

Change is a process, not an event as quoted by Barbara Johnson

A common mistake is to move too quickly by making changes before talking with staff and people supported. Sometimes people hear about a new practice and think that this new idea is a “fad”and  that, while popular now, interest in it will fade away in time . It is common in human services to hear someone say that “if we wait long enough this practice will go away.”  Some people are are not interested in new ideas when they are not given the ability to help make decisions about how these changes  will be made in HCBS.

Following these modules can help providers address the idea that person-centered and positive support practices will disappear over time by embedding the changes made in HCBS into everyday routines and work. Taking the time to gradually make the changes needed also helps keep people from feeling stressed by too much work. In fact, implementing person-centered and positive support practices takes two to three years to put in place and when it is done well it becomes part of HCBS.

"Trying to force people to change their values and to adopt new skills is not very effective." - Barbara Johnson