HCBS Training

Building Other Positive Supports Into HCBS

In previous modules, the team completed the list of practices and problem solved actions to take for moving forward. The team may find it helpful to gather information from people with expertise in different practices about the major themes, tools, and resources needed to complete the action plan for integrating person-centered and positive support practices into the organization.

The goal of this activity is to look for similar messages across practices and the tools that will be shared in staff development for both new and current staff. The table below is a helpful way for the team to discuss connections between the different practices.  The table shows positive behavior support, person-centered thinking, and collaborative safety/culture of safety.

For instance, preventing challenges by assessing context is a theme in the first row. Positive behavior support recommends that if we assess the setting where challenges occur, changes can be made to prevent problems. Person-centered thinking highlights the need to seek out information and the balance between what is important to and for people, and collaborative safety is focused on understanding how the system may be creating challenges.  In the next row, communication is the key theme that is discussed by all three practices .

The major themes that are highlighted linking differetn practices can become one way to organize different types of training. New staff orientation may introduce key elements of more than one practice until a more expert-level mentor or coach training can provide more details. The table can help teams identify the tools that can show how practices are related as well.

Record Key Themes, Tools, and Resources to Introduce in Training

Positive Behavior Support

Person-Centered Thinking

Collaborative Safety

Assess the Context Where Problems Occur and Make Changes to Prevent Problems

Understanding the Balance of What is Important To and For a Person to Create Success 

Assess How the System May Set the Stage for Serious Events to Occur. 

Encourage People to Communicate and Reinforce Positive Social Communication

Use the Communication Chart Tool to Better Understand How Each Person Communicates

Create a Context Where People Feel Safe to Communicate Problems

Tools That Might Be Used

Tools That Might Be Used

Tools That Might Be Used

Quality of the Social and Physical Environment

Person-Centered Organizational Development Tool

Direct Observation

Communication Chart

LifeCourse Tools

HCBS Planning Tool Question 39: Write down ideas to integrate positive supports. When the team finishes brainstorming, add the new information into the overall action plan that your team worked on in the earlier modules.