HCBS Training

Examples of Challenges Teams Have Encountered

This module is not meant to list every problem that occurs while teams take steps toward improving person-centered practices. However, these are some of the common challenges that many teams have encountered. This module addresses each of the examples below in more detail.

  • Teams may not be able to solve problems and make decisions together.
  • "Resistance" from staff and others may occur in response to different types of person-centered or positive support practices.
  • Challenges may come up while addressing cultural responsiveness.
  • Frequent staff turnover can make training and the overall change process more difficult.
  • Problem solving what is important TO and important FOR people can be challenging.
  • Teams are often integrating multiple positive supports into HCBS
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HCBS Planning Tool Question 37: Discuss examples of challenges that you, your team or organization have faced, or you think might come up while working on person-centered practices or positive supports in HCBS.