HCBS Training

Problem Solving Strategies for Integrating Content Across Practices

Teams that have made a list of practices they are using can start thinking about each practice in more detail. For instance, write down the trainers who are involved in each practice. These trainers may be part of your organization. In other situations, an organization may share trainers, request county-based support, or take advantage of free trainings that are offered by the state. Teams need support from trainers since they have more expertise related to each practice.  

Document where and how training content needs to be added, brainstorm changes that can be made, and write down all the actions needed to move forward. This example shows how one team problem solved content that was needed for the practice called Charting the LifeCourse for Families.

Postitive Support Practice

People/ Trainers Involved

Where Will Practice be Implemented

Brainstorm Changes

Next Steps

LifeCourse for Families




New Team Training for Personal Care Attendants

Summaries for People Receiving Services and Families

Update All Staff Members

Introduce Tools That can be Used in New Staff Training

Add Content to the Website and Send a Letter to All People Receiving Services and Families Introducing Person-Centered Values

Introduce One Tool at Each Meeting with Tamika and Satish Using a Key Activity to Demonstrate Concept

Julie and Satish will Complete LifeCourse Ambassador Training by January 15

Julie will Create a Draft for the Website Introducing Person-Centered Thinking by March 1

Introduction to Tools at Staff Meetings Begins on February 1