Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

How Do Adults Learn?

1. Listen

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2. Read

People learn through seeing, hearing, and doing. Some people prefer one style of learning over others. Having different kinds of training is a good way to make sure your DSWs are able to learn what you need them to do. Click on the tabs below to learn about different learning styles and how they can help you orient and train your DSWs.

Visual learners learn best by seeing. Using pictures, written instructions, or having charts and forms are helpful for visual learners.

Auditory learners learn best by hearing. It helps to give directions and to explain things verbally.

Hands-on learners learn best by doing. A good way to teach hands-on learners is to show them how to do something and then let them do it for themselves. Videos are a great tool for this.