Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

Thinking Outside the Box

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Finding good DSWs may take some extra effort and creativity.  Think about organizations in your community where you might be able to find DSWs who are a good match for you.

DSWs can be found in many different places.  You can use the Recruitment Plan Worksheet to note if any of the groups described below might be a good way for you to recruit DSWs.

Faith-based organizations are a good place to look, particularly if you belong to one.  Post notices on a bulletin board or in a newsletter.  Talk to the leader of your faith community; they may know of people who are looking for work and who would be a good match for you.

Advertise at coffee shops, student unions, campus job resource centers, or in student newspapers. Talk with  high school teachers or college instructors in nursing, occupational therapy, or physical therapy programs.

Consider posting recruitment flyers at senior centers, senior communities, or volunteer organizations. The AARP has job-placement programs for seniors and they might be able to connect you with a good match.

Check out your neighborhood Facebook page, community centers, or libraries to see if there are any parents looking for part-time work close to home.

Consider advertising in and recruiting DSWs from cultural centers and newspapers or posting at stores that serve your community.

Use business cards to give to people  you meet who you think would do a great job providing supports.