HCBS Training

Assessment of HCBS

A triangle broken into 3 sections. The bottom section says all people, the middle section says some, the top section says few.

The team is assessing the universal efforts that will have a positive impact on everyone within a tiered model of person-centered and positive support practices.  All other, more intensive, approaches are built on Tier 1. Assessment at the Tier 1 level is the starting place for your team to gather details about your services and think about taking steps toward  a future  where:

  • People are building relationships that are positive and supportive,
  • Different cultural values are celebrated,
  • People feel that their beliefs and views are honored and respected,
  • There are opportunities to learn more about each person, and
  • Everyone receives positive recognition for what they bring to the world.

One example of a universal strategy that is used in Minnesota is called Person-Centered Thinking. This is a philosophy or a way of thinking that uses a set of value-based skills to support people to live their best lives in the way that they choose. For example, Person-Centered Thinking encourages people to explore and build relationships with others. These skills are used to support people receiving HCBS, and they also help when interacting with all people. You can see an example of Person-Centered Thinking and other tools by visiting the Module Resources link.