HCBS Training

Work Smarter Not Harder in Assessment and Planning

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The assessment process can seem hard to complete or confusing to some team members because there isn’t one way to organize the task. This module provides a summary of steps that teams can follow, based on how each HCBS provider is organized. Providers will include other resources that can help complete an assessment. Some providers already use strategic planning events or bring in facilitators to help improve services. The goal of this module is to think about what types of work already happen in HCBS and to include person-centered practices in that work. Working smarter, not harder, means that providers can use strategic planning efforts that they already have in place as a framework for improving person-centered practices.

This story describes how one organization addressed this issue by aligning person-centered practices with work already taking place.

When a Minnesota provider began the process of becoming a person-centered organization,  a strategic plan was already in place and another action plan was being used to implement one positive support practice that the organization was using to improve quality of life for people. It became challenging for the organization to schedule all three meetings because many of the same people attended each of the three meetings. The team from the person-centered practices work suggested that all three planning processes be combined to save staff time and resources since all of these efforts focused on improving quality of life for people receiving HCBS.  The person-centered assessment helped the organization decide to connect the three planning meetings in order to work smarter not harder at improving quality of life outcomes.