HCBS Training

Using the Person-Centered Organizational Development Tool

Person-Centered Organizational Development Tool, RTC on Community Living

A tool that can help the team to start assessing HCBS is called the Person-Centered Organizational Development Tool . There are six major areas of this tool that can help teams assess services:

  1. Assessment, Discovery, Exploration,
  2. Planning Practices,
  3. Community Participation and Inclusion,
  4. Current Level of Supports and Services,
  5. Organizational Design and Processes, and
  6. Evaluation of Person-Centered Practices.

Each area lists a number of statements that start with, “At our agency…” Each person is asked to score the statements based on how much evidence is present. The answers are on a rating scale that ranges from “Never Evident” to “Always Evident.”

For example, the Assessment, Discover, Exploration area of the Person-Centered Organizational Development Tool includes: “At our agency...we use strategies and tools that help people balance what is important to them and what is important for them.”

Each team member is asked to score how evident this statement is within HCBS.