Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

Offering the Job

1. Listen

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A Black man with a disability shaking the hand of a DSW candidate.

2. Read

Once you decide who to hire:

  • Offer the position as soon as possible. Good DSWs are hired quickly.
  • Talk about pay rates, benefits (if any), and scheduled hours.
  • Pick a start date.
  • Be sure to notify the DSW applicants you decided not to hire.

3. Reflect

What do you think?

Bill found a personal care attendant (PCA) he wanted to hire.  He also interviewed three other people.  Bill doesn't like calling people to tell them that he isn't going to hire them.   What should he do?

Bill can be hurting himself by not calling people.  People who don't get called back often find this behavior rude.  If one of these people was also a good candidate, Bill might be losing a future DSW. 

All of the people Bill called were glad he called them.  They get frustrated when they don't hear back after an interview.  They will remember that Bill took the time to do this.  The people Bill thought were good candidates might be open to working with Bill in the future.