Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Direct Service Workers to Provide Self-Directed HCBS

Lesson Review

1. Listen

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Two women smiling at the camera. Both are people of color. One uses a power wheelchair. The other is kneeling next to her

2. Read

In this lesson you learned that:

  • Hiring the right DSW can pay off with a person who stays longer.
  • The DSW Finalist Worksheet can help you rank your finalists and decide how well a DSW candidate meets your needs.
  • When you decide to hire someone, offer the job right away.

3. Scenario

When Roberta finished her interviews, she reviewed what she learned about each person and filled out her own DSW Finalist Worksheet. She decided right away that she would not hire Will. She enjoyed talking to him, but he did not meet any of her support needs. Making the decision between Julia and Aisha was harder. Aisha met more of the support needs that Roberta identified than Julia.  But, Roberta thought that she and Julia had a better connection.  She thought they would be able to build a better relationship.  In the end, Roberta decided to hire Aisha.  Aisha was willing and able to perform all of the tasks that Roberta needed done.  Roberta thought that she was nice and that they would be able to build a good working relationship.   Who would you have hired?  Do you think Roberta made the right decision?

What would you do?
An elderly Black woman. She is wearing glasses, a white t-shirt, and smiling.