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Listening is Important to Communication

1. Listen

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2. Read

Good communication is built on both active and reflective listening. Active listening is meant to improve understanding between you and the person you are talking to.  Reflective listening helps the other person know that you are paying attention to them.

There are five parts to active listening. Click on each tab to learn more.

Be sure to look at the speaker and focus on what they are saying and on their body language.  Do not plan what you want to say back to them when they are talking. Try to ignore distractions like other people talking.

Smile. Nod occasionally. Watch your body language and make sure that it shows you are listening. For example, have your arms at your sides rather than crossed in front of your body.

You can show that you are listening by asking questions or summarizing what the other person has told you.

 Listen to what the person has to say before you respond.

The purpose of good communication is to encourage understanding. Be honest with your response but respectful, even if you disagree.