HCBS Training

Four Outcome Statement Areas

Group of people meeting with laptops

The team has now created notes that will be used to write 1-2 Outcome Statements for each of the four areas. Outcome Statements should be clear and easy to understand. Your Outcome Statements will describe the intentional use of values across the four areas and may start in the following way: 

  1. People receiving services are… [describe what the future looks like]
  2. Staff members have the support they need to… [explain the  changes that will occur]
  3. The HCBS provider (name of organization) is supporting quality of life by… [describe the changes the provider will make to improve person-centeredness]
  4. The local community is… [what the community will look like in the future if the team can make the changes they are working on together]

On the next page, you will brainstorm how to write your Outcome Statements.

The Module 5 Resource Page includes examples of Outcome Statements from counties and provider organizations in Minnesota.

Outcome Statements may seem difficult to achieve because they represent the ideal outcome that the team is working toward over time. Outcome Statements are meant to help the team stay focused on important values and cultural norms. Once the Outcome Statements are complete, the team will make a list of the goals and actions that reflect the vision the team has outlined. Measures are then linked to the goals so that teams can evaluate progress.