HCBS Training

What Do Services Look Like Right Now?

Vision Board Activity – Services Now

Start by looking at the poster paper on the wall with the word “Now” written on the top and discuss the following questions:

  • What does HCBS look like now?
  • How are supports offered?
  • What is the current culture and climate of the organization?

Recruit one person to be a timekeeper for 20 minutes and one person to be the Graphic Facilitator. The Graphic Facilitator will draw images and words on the poster paper representing the team's answers to these questions.  A Graphic Facilitator is similar to the role of a Facilitator in team meetings. The only difference is that Graphic Facilitators also draw pictures and use words to capture what is being shared as a way of recording the results. No special training is needed to be a Graphic Facilitator. No one on the team needs to be an artist or be trained as a Graphic Facilitator in order to complete this activity. Simple images can quickly convey a lot of details.  Some teams use two Graphic Facilitators so that one can focus on what people are saying while the other draws images and writes down words on flip chart or poster paper taped to the wall. The Module 5 Resource Page includes additional resources to help for Graphic Facilitators.

  • How do people decide where they want to live?
  • Are the only places to live based on what is available or easy for service providers to find?
  • How are housing options decided?
  • What is transportation like in your community?
  • How are transition plans organized when people move?
  • Can people find meaningful work with a living wage?
  • Are people taking vacations and can they choose who they travel with?
  • Do organizations work well together in the community? (e.g., hospitals, schools, other support systems)
what services look like now drawing

Use Themes to Represent What Services Look Like Now

The picture on this page was made by a team providing HCBS in Minnesota. The Vision Board describes what services look like “Now.” You can see mountains that are difficult to climb. These mountains show what life can look like for people receiving services. The road is hard to cross due to broken sections of road. These broken roads are like communication problems that occur across services. Rocks and other objects block the mountain pass. These images show that at times policies can make it harder for someone to become part of their community. The road blocks represent barriers that people encounter as they seek out where, how, and with whom they want to live and work.